About me

Jiri Kubicek manages the company WSM, Inc. which sells automated trading systems for Capital Markets, but also operates in the agriculture, construction, meat processing and elsewere. Jiri Kubicek operates in many areas, pointing out that the seemingly disparate activities are connected together by clear logic. One of his great loves is ice-hockey, and because of this he inclines to it. The WSM company strongly supports the national team and also Tipsport Extra-League, and the second highest competition is known to its fans as the WSM League. In Slovakia is WSM the general partner of HK Dukla Trencin.

A few words from Jiri Kubicek.

How did you get into trading and programming?
"The trading itself and the fact that I started somehow with it, was my interrest in the movie „Trading Places“. This movie was, among other things, about earning huge money during one business day on the Stock Market. And I started to speculate and search what was behind all of it. I wanted to understand it. This led me to study about it, despite it was very difficult, because it was the beginning of the 90s, and information was not accessible. However, I get into it and it actually brought me to trading."

When did you start to prosper?
"It took a little longer, in 1996 I went through some very intensive trainings which focused on how to trade on Capital Markets. I have to say that from that time it started to be distinctly better. I met people who are either no longer with us or already stopped with trading, but I could learn a lot. Even the way how to trade and how to actually keep myself in some limits of psychology, strategy and trading, and I learned all those things that a person needs to trade somehow.“

Your name is more connected to the public with Forex.
"Yes it is, because for a man who somehow understand things around trading and start to intensively devote himself to it, then he will find out one very important and essential thing. And it is the fact that it takes too much time. It's not about it that one will sit down and say - well, let's look at it ten minutes today, ten minutes tomorrow. This is not trading. Trading is for a man who has already studied the market and realize his own strategy. There is needed to follow some way and progression which you have to pass without any illusions and you have to sit behind the computer hundreds of hours. And that is the reason why I started with the programming of the automated trading systems, where I wanted to transwer the idea which is in my head into the software, which will do the traiding instead of me. That's why we created the programming language with its own structure, where we decompose some functional graphs into our own shapes."

Mr. Kubicek, who is behind the WSM now?
"In the beginning there were four shareholders, who were behind the whole formation and the idea of the software functioning, its principles and mechanisms. When our company started to rapidly and progressivly grow, tensions between the founders began to escalate. Today, the majority owner of the WSM holding is My self. But we all still cooperate at the level of programming.“

How do you perceive the WSM League? Do you check in the morning at the office the results, scorers, etc.?
"Yes, I watch the WSM League. I love hockey. We publish the results on our social networks. In addition, I am also interested in those young players who will grab more attention to show off. Our competition is played by many Extra League teams and it is an opportunity for young boys. In the Extra League I do not support the particular team, but the game overall. Success is a matter of many things. When you are a fan of one team, it affects your view. I love hockey overall, not the particular club."

How do you have it with the representation? Do you wear jersey to the stadium?
"Of course, if the national team is playing, there is nothing to doubt about. I cheer like others. If I go to the stadium I wear jersey. And I like it. My daughter runs there in that big representation hat, and my son paints flags on his face. We are all enjoying it.“

Can we meet you somewhere personally?
"Yes, we regularly organize various seminars, where I lecture. Dates of all events are published on our social networks. At the same time I personally comment on what is happening around us, through my information channels. I want to share my opinions and experience."

Mr. Kubicek is an animal and history lover. Surely therefore he reconstructed the castle in Bezdruzice, which is historicaly furnished. With this step, he fulfilled his dream from childhood. There is also a castle restaurant and among other, there is publicly accessible museum of trophies and preparations. He finds peace while fishing, which he dedicates since youth.